Activate Your Leadership Skills

This ACLI track is for individuals who would like to demonstrate Christian Leadership at work and home. Activate For Individuals is offered for both In-Person Instruction and Distance Learners.

Activate For Individuals - Program Dynamics

The ACLI curriculum is presented in three quarters with each quarter’s study course building upon the other.

Program Highlights

This 9-month leadership development program runs from September through May! Whether you’re a college student, working parent, or career-engaged adult… ACTIVATE is tailored to fit your busy schedule while still equipping your purpose and elevating your leadership via classroom and hands-on learning. 

Distance Learning Requirements

Attending an online class is easy, all you need is a reliable internet connection. You simply log into your classroom to participate in class on Tuesdays from 7:00 – 9:30 EST. Class participation is graded based upon your contribution to classroom discussions.

Elements of the Program

Along with classroom instruction and seminar guest speakers, the instructional module of ACLI is comprised of the following elements:

Monthly Scripture Memorization

Each ACLI student is required to participate in the monthly scripture memorization assignment. Various passages will be prescribed to the class one month in advance, and in the first class session of the following month, the intern will write-out the prescribed passage of scripture. 

Quarterly Book Report

Three books will be selected for required reading material throughout this course. Interns will read each book and submit a 2-3 page, type-written report on his/her personal reflections of the book, favorable or otherwise. Reports are to be written in MLA Format. 


In the spring quarter, each intern will be required to stand before the ACLI class and deliver a sermon or speech within a 4-5 minute time allotment. At the time of delivery, each intern’s preaching/teaching will be critiqued by a panel of seasoned preachers and teachers. 

Ministry Position/Research Paper

In the spring quarter, each student will be required to submit a Ministry Position or Research Paper. The student will be given four topics from which to choose, including the opportunity to outline his/her specific call or area of ministry. 

Practical Ministry Requirements (PMRs)

PMRs are established to give interns hands-on experience within various ministries. Interns will be assigned to Department Leaders in nine prescribed ministries, working one month in each ministry. Exposure to these various ministries will provide a well-balanced perspective of ministry in teaching, serving, observing, and ministering and may also reveal God’s direction for your ministry.

Distance Learners that are obtaining their diploma with a concentration in ministry should complete their PMRs in the like departments of their own church. Should there not be a comparable department in your church please select a different department with the permission of your church leadership.

Bible Reading

Reading the Torah Portions during the school year is part of the required reading of ACLI. A Schedule will be provided to help you stay current.

Quarterly Exams

The ACLI course of study is conducted on a quarterly basis; namely, fall, winter, and spring. At the end of each of the first and second quarters, a quarterly exam will be given to test the intern’s knowledge of the material covered in that quarter. In the last quarter, a comprehensive final exam will be administered, which will cover the material presented in all three quarters.