Build your Leadership Pipeline

LifeWay Research reported that 92 percent of pastors surveyed stated that leadership development is critical to the health and growth of the church — but only one in four actually had a plan for their church.

Why Churches Don’t Value Leadership Development

To address this statistic, the soon-to-be-released ACTIVATE for churches roadmap is designed to help churches implement a leadership development program.

The majority of church leaders believe in the importance of leadership training and development but only 1 in 4 churches actually train their people.

Ministry will advance only to the degree that the leadership teams grow. Despite this truth, most churches have no system in place to recruit, train, develop and deploy new congregational leaders.

In fact, surveys and opinion polls report that the greatest challenge facing pastors today is ‘leadership development.’ Where there is a leadership deficit, the pastor is frustrated, the ministry is limited, and the church is in a slow fade.

But we have the answer!

The ACTIVATE Christian Leadership Institute (ACLI) is a program designed specifically to alleviate the leadership deficit in the local church! ACLI is a nine-month, tuition-based program of classroom study that provides hands-on, practical ministry experience for each student. The teaching curriculum addresses three core disciplines of study: personal leadership, foundational theology and ministry dynamics.

The internship aspect of the course occurs as each student serves in a rotation through each ministry department of the church.

Upon completion of the program, followed by a cap and gown graduation, these interns are ready to be deployed into new areas of leadership within the church.

ACTIVATE Program Package

The ACLI Program comes fully equipped with:

  • full nine-month curriculum — student and instructor teaching notes
  • a one-night per week teaching format
  • internship setup within your existing ministry departments
  • program policies and procedures
  • testing and grading procedures
  • student tuition structure
  • program setup and ongoing administrative support

Are you ready to ACTIVATE?

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